Traveling is an experience that everyone should make a point to enjoy in their lives. However, these great experiences of seeing the world are often best enjoyed with others. I am available for both domestic and international travel, and absolutely love it! I love learning about new cultures, meeting new people, trying new foods, and enjoying the time away. I have a current passport and am experienced in being a travel companion, I am the perfect accessory for an exotic rendezvous.

I will tour if I find I have enough interest in one area of the country. I am also available to travel to exclusively see you in your home area, which is the ultimate gift you could give yourself.   I require 4 days minimum before traveling domestically and 1 week before international travel. Please plan around Visa requirements for countries that have them. I also require a 50% deposit before meeting, and the other 50% at the beginning of our visit. This is because the time needed to book a travel appointment is much more than usual. It is to protect us both from wasting our valuable time making arrangements. Please contact me directly for a travel quote at