Let me be your guide into an exotic experience most will only dream of.  I am the master of the liquid Nuru amrita that is used to weave other worldly fantasies. My all natural body which I treat with care and love is the perfect instrument to create heavenly Nuru experiences. More importantly, my disciplined mind, enlghtened spirit, and warm personality are absolute requirements for the level of sensually Tantric experiences I offer.

 I am seeking gentlemen, women, and couples who have been left unfulfilled by purely carnal experiences.  You know there has to be something more to it. Your soul is yearning for love, closeness, understanding. You wish to learn how to overcome shame, to increase vitality and energy, and how to escalate stagnant energy in your body and soul to reach a higher level of enlightenment.

 The pace of my sessions is slow & climbing. I invite you to clear your mind, relax, and slip into meditation while I perform my art. I have a very strong positive heart and sacral chakra energy that I will selflessly pour into you.  It is very intense and healing and may induce a new outlook on life in general.

 Are you desiring to experience a far-east exotic experience that is out of this world? A nuru massage with tantric elements will be the perfect session for you! I am very experienced in Nuru Massage and use 100% authentic pre-mixed Nuru gel. I am well trained in anatomy and know how to sensually slide against you and create positive vibrations. My long legs, luscious hips, and natural breasts give me an advantage in performing this style of massage, which is performed in a very, very slow and sensual way. I control the energy, slowly bringing he intensity of every sense to a peak which is rarely reached in this busy and rushed world.

Although Tantra is a lifestyle, I have familiarized myself with the works of Osho and I often do yoga and meditate, which enlightens me with the spirituality needed to incorporate some tantric techniques into our session. These techniques can also help with some sexual issues. I am also very experienced in stimulating the root chakra through prostate massage. Always gentle, this “G-Spot” for men technique is extremely pleasurable and performed with extreme care. Synchronicity in breathing and energy furthermore enhances the experience and can leave you in a delightful bliss. You can read more about this technique here. The Sacred Spot: Prostate Massage

While performing this session I always have light, harmonic music playing as well as candlelight to provide the utmost ambiance for this feast of the senses. This is the perfect session for the man who wants to be pampered like a king of an exotic land.

Always well manicured and open, my energy is perfect for an outstanding experience. I believe the journey is more fun than the destination and I love to tease, play, and stay in a heightened state of arousal as long as possible.  I’m very responsive to touch as well as energy and have been described by many as an erotic artist.

I believe every session is a experience for me to further build and heighten my sexual energy. My eroticism is unbridled and I am in tune with my pure feminine, which in turn brings your masculine energy to a peak that you’ve never been before.

I enjoy sharing my positivity and pleasure and am never shy, forced, or fake.  It is very easy to get lost with me, leaving the stress and anguish of the world behind. We were meant to enjoy pleasure in this world, it is a gift inside each one of us.  It is my mission to present to you the gift that lays dormant inside of you. I not only focus on physical pleasure, but on emotional freedom to create a spiritual experience.