Hello Gentlemen!

I decided to write a quick blog as a reminder that I do conduct a light screening during booking. This is for my safety and peace of mind as well as yours.

The easiest way for us to screen you is to give me a recent escort reference. This is done by contacting a past provider and asking her if she would be willing to give a reference for you. Most providers are happy to recommend clients to others, as doing so keeps us all safe. You then provide me the providers name, website, contact information, and a way for her to remember you. I will verify the girl is a real provider, then ask her for your reference. Once the reference is given you are good to go. This is a great way to be verified without giving any personal information.  There are also websites where a provider can refer you as a safe client, and you will be given a verifiable code or screen name which is even easier.

If you do not have a provider reference, there are still other ways of verification. This will be a blend of giving simple identification and career verification. I understand your need for discretion and any information given is deleted and destroyed after screening. I  do not ask for any more information than you would give to take a lady out on a romantic date. This simple verification ensures that the booking and session will go smoothly.

If you do not have any escort references and are uncomfortable giving simple ID and career verification, I will be unable to book you. Even though you sound like a nice guy, are at a nice hotel, willing to tip or meet in public, without screening information I simply cannot take a chance with my safety.  Screening is standard procedure for most upscale providers and should also give you peace of mind that I know my entire client base are safe and sane clients.

The safety and discretion of our clients is my number one priority and I will not waver on that.  I am committed to excellence in every part of your experience from booking through the end of the session and attention to detail is one of the things I pride myself  on.  Screening is just another part of that process. I believe that safety is sexy, and I love to be sexy! I appreciate you familiarizing yourself with my screening process in advance and wish you a happy session!

Many hugs and kisses,