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I had seen Lindsey online and I was really impressed by her writing skills, pictures, and website. Intelligence is important to me when I am booking a provider and booking Lindsey was quick and easy. We confirmed that day and she is quick with communication.

I arrived at her incall which is in a nice area, I pulled into her garage as per her wishes and she shut the garage as I was getting out of my car, which made it feel like I was walking into the “bat cave”, but was very discreet as no one would see me or my car. She opened the door to her place and she was stunning! Long wavy blonde hair, big perky naturals, pictures are accurate but I would say she is better than the pictures…
She greeted me with a warm hug and kiss, and gave me a quick tour of her place, which was clean & nice! She has a video on her website and it’s accurate. Really nice place. We sat at the bar for a little bit, where we both had a cocktail and she even brought out some snacks for us to enjoy while getting to know each other. Lindsey is a great conversationalist, college educated, and funny. After a bit, she led me upstairs to her Nuru room and let me change into a robe while she undressed.  I really like women who have Lindsey’s body type. Tall, big boobs with a thinner waist and thicker hips and thighs, it’s hard to find women who look like this who are caucasian so I was so happy to find someone like Lindsey.
We made out for a little bit while I enjoyed running my hands over her smooth skin and curves. She then took my robe off and told me to lay down on the bed, face down, so she could do her Nuru massage.  She is very talented at this technique, moving fast, slow, then fast again, always varying the tempo which keeps it interesting.  It was relaxing and stimulating at the same time as she knows where to apply pressure, and she was able to get into some tense spots pretty deeply as she uses her whole weight while she is on top of you to really dig in.  I had read that Lindsey was also good at prostate massage and I made sure to let her know I was interested as I didn’t want to miss out. She told me actually most of her client’s enjoy it. She then put on a small finger-condom thing (which was better than a glove, I might have freaked out with a glove lol) very quickly and gently and teasingly began the prostate massage. She goes very slowly and makes sure you stay aroused as she applies this gentle and pleasurable massage. After a bit, it was time to flip over.
Although the Nuru part was really amazing, I loved that I was now looking at her big natural boobs and pretty face. She has such  a sexy aura, it was like a sweet woman had opened the door downstairs earlier, and then transformed into a sex goddess… anyway, she teased me more on my front side, as we made out and kissed and she rubbed her warm, oily body all onto me, grinding her body and turning me on so much….  I had to taste her.  I went down on her and she is clean and sweet and very responsive. It was really H O T seeing her cum…. and she’s a squirter too…. yum yum….
After I was finished going down on her, she got back on top of me and began the slowest, most sensually tortuous bj of my life. She knows how to just keep you on that edge between turned on and exploding…it’s a thin line but Lindsey walks it well.  After what seemed like a sexy eternity, I finally climaxed and Lindsey was back with 2 scented warm towels, one for my body and one to clean me up. We cuddled for a bit and made some small talk before it was time for Lindsey to start the shower for me. She told me she works with several other girls and she would be happy to arrange for me to see any of them alone or in a double with her. I showered and dressed and she offered me a bottle of water before I left. She waited until I was inside my car to open the garage again, I appreciated her discretion and professionalism all the way til our last moment together. I would definitely repeat as Lindsey “ticked off all my boxes” to be a great provider,  clean, pictures accurate, nice place, friendly, intelligent, sensual, big boobs & hourglass figure. I am definitely looking forward to seeing her again.