Nuru Massage Miami Review 4/25/2016 

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I recently booked the ‘lovely’ Lindsey Love for an appointment. I found her very interesting as she is not only beautiful, but she also provides a multitude of services that she describes in detail on her website. After reading through her website, which was well written and easy to navigate, I had a really good feeling about her. I sent her a booking request through the form on her website and also sent her a text. She got back to me almost immediately and we exchanged a few text messages and I booked an appointment at her location which is centrally located near Fort Lauderdale airport and easy to get to. When I arrived she was patient guiding me in as I had gotten a little bit lost. She works in an upscale condo currently near a Marina but she told me will be moving to a house with garage soon.

Anyway, I got to her condo and she had the door slightly ajar for me. She had on a sexy black one piece lingerie with matching heels. She made confident eye contact with a smile and greeted me with a tight hug and kiss. Pics are accurate, she is blonde, tall, and with a pretty face. She had candles lit and had electronic candles on her stairs leading to the upstairs (she lives in a loft style home). Her place was clean and updated, and she had a massage table set up in the main room that she says she uses for hot stone massages in case there is extra time at the end of the session. She instructed me where to lay the donation and led me to the bathroom where she had disposable slippers, flip-flops for showering, toothpaste, toothbrushes, robes, and basically anything else you can think of or want. She offered me a glass of wine or water before I slipped in the restroom to take a quick shower while Lindsey poured us some wine.

i emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later and Lindsey was in a candle lit bedroom which was decorated nicely with a upscale canopy style bed with draping over it. She offered me a kiss and my glass of wine. We sat on the bed for just a few minutes and Lindsey was very attentive and flirty. After a few minutes she took our glasses of wine and put them on the nightstand, she slithered out of her black lingerie, and OMG…those naturals were AWESOME! She’s a D cup, natural, perky, and with nice light pink puffy nipples (I love puffy nipples!!!!) She has a thinner waist with a nice hourglass figure, roundness in her hips and butt but you can tell she goes to the gym. Toned womanly curves are sooooo hot to me, way too many women go overboard and lose all their curves but Lindsey is a happy medium. Super duper long toned legs and nice feet (another weakness) as well. Holy crap, did I win the lottery? Lindsey took off my robe and instructed me to lay down facedown on the bed which was adorned with several king size pillows which gave off an upscale hotel vibe. She also had soft but sexy music playing.

She began the nuru body rub part of the session by lightly rubbing her fingers across my body, teasing me with her natural fingernails, and using her soft blonde hair to ever-so-lightly stimulate me. She pulled her hair up into a ponytail and applied the oil to my body rubbing it in using long and relaxing strokes. She then applied the oil to her body and…JFC, that first moment of her rubbing those big natural tits all over you is HEAVEN!!! She must have had some sort of anatomy lesson or something because even though she uses her whole body weight straddling, writhing, and massaging her body against yours, it’s never too intense or painful. She uses her whole body including shoulders, boobs, feet, pussy, ass…everything to rub against you and relieve your stress. This is something I would have never thought would feel so damn good but it was already getting addictive.

About 3/4 through the way on my stomach Lindsey flipped her body around and began to lightly blow on and rub my thighs, ass and balls. It felt fucking amazing and I was really wanting to try a prostate massage as I had always been so afraid to ask for one from my girlfriends and Lindsey said it was one of her specialties. Lindsey put on a glove and then continued to stimulate me for a bit before she  slowly and very gently began the prostate massage. She encourages communication and it was an intense, but pleasurable feeling. After a few minutes of that she finished up on my back and had me flip over.

I had read in another review that Lindsey is a squirter so I wanted to go down on her as I had never seen that before. Lindsey is clean and responsive and after a few minutes she got into her groove and started squirting. WOW WOW WOW so fucking hotttttt… I never even knew this was real and the more I stimulated her, the more her juices were flowing…literally soaking the BED! I made her cum after a few minutes of squirting (she explained to me it’s two different feelings) and her pussy muscles clenched hard on my fingers as she came and arched her body against me.

After a short recovery period, Lindsey had me lay back down (on the DRY side of the bed) and began to nuru the front of my body. She poured a fresh coat of the oil all over her big naturals and had me ‘help’ rub it in. With the same intensity as before she gyrated and stimulated me slowly working down my body til she got to my little General. Little did I know I was in for the most teasing,slow, sensual blowjob of my LIFE!! Fuck, she really knows what she is doing. She is so sexy, no need to worry about rushing with this one because it obvious she truly looooooves to suck and knows just how to keep you on the edge. She got me close and then slowly inserted a finger to give me a prostate massage again and I came in her mouth harder than I ever thought possible.

Lindsey got up and got me 2 warm damp towels, one for my Little General and one to wash off the excess oil while I recuperated on her bed. I forgot to mention this before but the bed is extra firm so while you are getting the massage, your body doesn’t sink in and cause discomfort. We made some small talk and I was curious about her swing club sessions. She told me she is a lifestyle swinger and loves the clubs, and she told me about the nudist colonies in Florida which was awesome. I loved how knowledgeable she is. She also didn’t hesitate to tell me about all the girls she does doubles with, she has I think 6 other girls on her website that she is available to do doubles with her.  You would have thought all that sexy pillow talk would have gotten me going again, but I was beyond spent from the first round. She also explained a little bit about tantra and the pressure points she had stimulated on me to bring me to that insane orgasm.

By this time it was time for me to go into the shower. The oil washed off easily with the washcloth and I dried and changed. I like that Lindsey even had a shoe-horn for me to put my shoes on with. I combed my hair with a disposable comb, brushed my teeth and I was as fresh as I had arrived. Lindsey offered me a bottle of water before I left which I took and she walked me out. All in all, she provided the hottest service I have ever experienced, is beautiful, friendly, kind and patient. Next time I think I will take her up on the offer to bring a girlfriend…if I can handle it!