Lindsey Love Reviews – 4/19/16
I recently saw the ad of Lindsey Love as a new girl on my escort directory and thought she had smoking hot pics. I am a sucker for big natural breasts and Lindsey has them. I had a look around her website and took a chance on her as she seemed to be warm, experienced and intelligent. I texted her and she got back immediately with an upbeat response. Booking was simple and easy.

We set up something at her incall which is located near Fort Lauderdale Airport. It is an upscale condo, tucked away a bit but very discreet. She was great and descriptive of how to get there as I got a little lost. Lindsey told me she would soon have a new incall in a home she is buying but near the same area she is in now. I didn’t even have to knock as when I got near her door she discreetly opened it a crack to let me in. Lindsey answered the door in a black sheer robe and lingerie. She had candles lit and the house smelled like incense. She has medium length blonde wavy hair, had her makeup and hair done. She has a curvy but toned body with big natural boobs pressed up high in her pushup bra. Long sexy legs but her best feature is her pretty smile and happy, laid back demeanor. She gave me a hug and kiss like she I hadn’t seen her in years which was very refreshing.

She led me upstairs (she works in a loft style apartment) and she had everything clean and smelling fresh. She instructed me to leave the donation in a little silver glass plate next to a massage table that she said she does hot stone massages on if there is time at the end of the session. She then offered me a refreshment as she keeps bottles of wine, water and sodas for her clients. She then instructed me to a changing room/bathroom that had everything that would be needed set out. She had disposable slippers and robes to switch into after changing as well as sample sized toiletries (toothbrush/soap/toothpaste etc…) for freshening up. I took a quick shower in her full sized shower for courtesy which was also stocked with men’s shampoos and soaps and then switched into a robe and walked across the hallway to her bedroom.

Lindsey had candles lit, soft but upbeat music playing, and she has a really awesome bed which was custom made to be firm for massages and sensual activities. She greeted me into the room with a big hug and we started to make out as she removed my robe from my body. After kissing for a bit, she disrobed to reveal her PERFECT NATURAL BREASTS!!! Boobs can look great in pics or bras but when they are all natural and still so perky…jesus, what a find! She’s got an hourglass figure and her skin is very smooth, everything is shaved.

We laid down on the bed and made out some more, touching and exploring each others bodies. Lindsey really is an amazing kisser and I couldn’t get enough of how good her warm body felt against mine. After a little bit she got on top of me and grabbed a bottle of oil from the side of the bed. She poured it all over her breasts and looked at me with this naughty smile and seductive eyes. Rubbing the oll all over herself, she then started to maneuver her body all over mine, flipping into a 69 position at one point to reveal her pretty pink slit. Clean and smooth I licked all over her pussy while she teased my little General with her hands and tongue. I then changed position as I love to DATY and really wanted to enjoy it. Well, I found out that Lindsey is a SQUIRTER!!! and I don’t mean just a little bit, I mean she fucking GUSHES! This was on my bucket list, oh my fucking god, she is soon fucking hot gushing every time my hands or tongue touched her clit! After I got her to cum (HARD) it was my turn. Yum, she is so fucking sexy.

She straddled me again and began to work her body seductively again as she did before. This time she settled between my legs and she started to massage my upper legs, stomach, hip flexors and licked my balls and hip flexor area, teasing sooooo good with her fingers and her tongue, definitely no rush here, she was really enjoying teasing me. She then came up to my little General and started to tease and suck him as well, sometimes only stroking one direction, sometimes going faster, slower, she really kept getting me close to the edge and seemed to enjoy the erotic purgatory she had created for me as she had that same sensually evil smile she did at the beginning of the session.

I really wanted to cum from this amazing blow job she was giving me but I couldn’t leave her without feeling that warm and wet pussy. I grabbed a condom and got on top of her. OMG, she feels so good, she is so wet and you can tell she LOVES sex. Her body was so warm I didn’t last long especially after all that teasing. Lindsey got up and got me a warm towel from her towel warmer and a dry one as well. She wiped off my little General first and then used the dry one to help wipe the oil off my body. We cuddled together for a little bit afterwards but unfortunately we were getting close to the end of the session, so I excused myself to shower and get the oil off of me & change. What I did like is when I needed a comb and gel afterwards she not only had that but I noticed she really had anything you would need if you were going home to work or wife and needed to be presentable, lol.
When I emerged from the bathroom Lindsey was back in the sheer robe waiting and offered me a bottle of water to go. She walked me out and gave me another hug and kiss, careful to not get oil on me.

My experience with Lindsey was really amazing. She is very sexy and present, intelligent about many different subjects, clean and sensual, and has a safe and CLEAN incall. She is also available to visit outcall which I may do next time as her service blew me away and I really wanted to just nap afterwards…lol. I will definitely be visiting her again.

Thanks so much Lindsey.