*Please arrive groomed and freshly showered. Nuru requires very intimate closeness and I find body odor to be a distraction while performing my art. Nuru Massage gel also works best on freshly cleaned skin.

*Please do not smoke/vape tobacco during our session. I am okay with legal, medicinal herbs as the scent does not bother me.

*Please place your donation in an unsealed white envelope prior to our session and place it in the washroom.

*Be a gentleman during booking. I do not prefer men who are impatient, entitled,  or use crude or vulgar language and will decide to pass on having an experience with you.

*Please, for our safety, do not arrive to our experience incapacitated from alcohol or other intoxicants. I do enjoy sharing a bottle of your favorite wine or a cocktail or two with you during our experience if you like.

*If you need to cancel a confirmed booking, please give me as much notice as possible. I understand emergencies sometimes happen as well. Any confirmed session cancelled within 4 hours of session time will be subject to a 50% deposit on subsequent sessions.

*Enjoy our experience!

If you need more information on my sessions, please view the FAQ.