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“I saw Lindsey on the Sensual Miami Escorts website while on my last trip to Miami. Unfortunately, the first time I had wanted to see her she was out of town and unavailable. I had to make the last minute decision to see another provider, so I made the decision to pre-book Lindsey for my next trip.  The booking agent Cat is easy to book with. She is responsive and friendly. After discussing what I was looking for and viewing the pictures and profiles on their website, I decided on Lindsey as I was wanting a Nuru massage. I booked an incall and Catalina ensured me that I would have a great time. She asked if I had any sort of special request or if I wanted to have a cocktail or glass of wine waiting for me when I got there. Which I thought was a nice touch. She also redirected me to a video on their website that shows their incall.  It made me more comfortable.
I arrived to their incall and parked in the garage as directed. Lindsey shut the garage for me before I exited my vehicle. She then fully opened the door leading to the house. She greeted me with a big smile with a hug and kiss and nice eye contact. Her pictures are 100% accurate, she is taller than I thought, about 5’8” without heels. I didn’t mind as I am a tall guy. She has perky breasts, an hourglass figure and shoulder length hair. Her skin is youthful and she has a natural look. She is hot and sexy.
She invited me in and had a glass of wine ready for me on their little bar which is inside their incall. She had the rest of the bottle in an ice bucket.  We sat at the bar for a little bit made small talk, she is nice to talk to and made me comfortable. She offered me a tour of the place which the video accurately shows. It’s a nice place in a quiet neighborhood & clean. I undressed in the upstairs bedroom and donned a provided robe. Lindsey undressed to her lingerie and we started with some kissing and caressing. She has great breasts and a nice figure.
I wanted to try their hot stones and aromatherapy so we first went into the room with the massage table. Lindsey began her massage which was relaxing and helped me get in the zone. We then went back to the bedroom and played a bit more before Lindsey had me lay down and began her Nuru Massage.
She is awesomely talented at this massage. She started with slow stroking movements. Then using her body to press into me while gliding. She used a good amount of pressure and is a real tease. Time to time she would lightly caress my upper thighs and balls before going back into her gliding which kept me turned on. After awhile she instructed me to flip over. She then took the oil and began to glide on my front side. It was incredibly hot and I was getting hypnotized. After awhile she worked her way down my body and began the hottest tease blow job of my life. I liked that she knew when to go faster and when to do more or less. It wasn’t all just hands and tongue as she has great deep throat skills. I couldn’t hold back after the long  and sensual Nuru and exploded.
She got me a hot scented towel and helped me wipe some of the excess gel off. We chatted for a bit and cuddled but the time was almost up. She helped me with the shower & I got dressed and left. She let me get totally into my car before opening the garage again. All in all it was an amazing experience and I will repeat again for sure. I would also like to see the other girls as it was an easy booking and positive fun experience.”