Lindsay Love-October 5, 2017

Edging and Erotic Trance Edging and Erotic Trance You may have heard about some women who can be multi-orgasmic, but did you know men also have this ability? Most men have learned that sex is a goal based activity, a quick, intense rush to a peak. They tense their bodies up, focusing their sexual energy […]

Hello Gentlemen, Hiring an escort can be a very confusing and delicate process. It’s hard to know what questions to ask, what information to gather, and when! Booking processes differ with each lady, but there are a few good behaviors that can make a bad girl just fall in love! I have noticed that there […]

Hello Gentlemen! I would love to introduce three new doubles partners. All of the ladies I am about to introduce are both available for double sessions with me, as well as independent sessions alone. You can contact me directly to set up an appointment with us. Note: These models are only available in South Florida. Emily […]

Hello Gentlemen!! Quick updates before the article begins! I have been very busy lately running my escort network! Click on the link below to see everything I have been working on lately with the ladies of Sensual Miami Escorts! We are planning a big photo shoot this weekend and I am so very excited! We also […]

Hi guys! I love to write, and I have been meaning to write more erotic stories, as I have written a handful over the years and always really enjoy them. This one was inspired by my recent vacation to Aruba! The story is totally fiction, but I thought I would share my hobby with you. […]

Hello there! Last week’s blog on oral sex on a woman and can be found HERE.  To begin, as like most other sexual topics, the biggest way to win with your partner is to communicate! Unlike oral sex on a woman, which is under-represented in porn, oral sex on a man dominates the adult film […]

Finger Lickin’ Good: How To Win Oral Sex on A Woman Hello Gentlemen, Today’s blog entry is about one of my favorite activities – oral sex on a woman! Because of the cultural trend in pornographic films of skipping this sensual and exciting activity, many men do not know how to improve their existing skills […]

The Sacred Spot: Prostate Massage Benefits Hello Gentlemen, This week’s blog is on a topic that affects a lot of men, but doesn’t get the coverage it deserves. Prostate massage is a practice that can be extremely beneficial for men when done with a loving & healing touch. Prostate problems in men often do not […]

History of Nuru Massage and Its Journey to America Nuru massage was created in Japan as the country’s laws prohibited vaginal intercourse during massage. People still wanted to have a very erotic experience, but to also respect the law. Soapy massage was created to solve this problem. Soapy massage was the prototype for Nuru massage, […]

Get Your Freak On: A Beginners Guide To Fetish Hello there! This weeks blog topic is a beginners guide to fetish. Most of us have them, are curious to explore them, or find people who have them intriguing. The word fetish often makes people think about someone being humiliated, or being bossed around in a […]