I had seen Lindsey before, and saw that she had added some new doubles partners recently. I trust Lindsey totally and she suggested a double with her friend (real-life friend) Isabel. She sent me some unburied pictures of Isabel and she is smoking hot. I arrived at their incall which is exceptional, parked in the garage and was met by two beautiful women. They are both tall and they look like they could be sisters (score!) Isabel is drop-dead gorgeous, trust me she has nothing to hide with blurring her face! Lindsey is the bustier of the two, but Isabel isn’t too far behind. She also has a nice, juicy butt.

The girls had a bottle of red wine already open for me and Lindsey served it from a wine set. We sat in the living room for a bit, with me getting to know Isabel better for a few minutes. Lindsey had told me that Isabel was amazing at massage, so we started in their massage room, equipped with table & hot stones. I laid down and the ladies began an amazing massage on me, Isabel has such an amazing touch that is gentle but powerful, felt awesome.

After a little bit of time rubbing on the ladies while they had me on the massage table, I was ready to move to the main event. The girls led me to a bedroom where I was able to play with the ladies a bit before they had me lay down on the king-size bed.

The ladies coated their sexy bodies in oil and I had to take a peek before they began the nuru massage. Wow! I have had the treat of Lindsey’s skillful Nuru massage before, but adding in another girl turned this experience to 11. Lindsey and Isabel are VERY comfortable with each other and interact in any way you can think of.


The atmosphere was so sexy, I have done double sessions before where the girls are acting, but you can tell Isabel and Lindsey are REALLY into each other! The feeling of oily body parts moving against each other was overwhelming and the way they are both masterful at keeping the intensity of the session high the ENTIRE time is awesome. Even after I reached my peak, the ladies were energetic and sexy and we all even played in a bubble bath together. I felt like I was with two old friends.


After we all got cleaned up the ladies offered me a beverage and walked me to my car, I always like that I can enter my car inside a garage which is discreet. I also do enjoy that the ladies do not allow reviews that give away their whole mystery. I will repeat again as I have not found anyone else that matches the level of detail that Lindsey and her friends can.