Edging and Erotic Trance

Edging and Erotic Trance

You may have heard about some women who can be multi-orgasmic, but did you know men also have this ability? Most men have learned that sex is a goal based activity, a quick, intense rush to a peak. They tense their bodies up, focusing their sexual energy only on their penis and squeeze their sexual energy into an orgasm.  Having only this type of quick, goal focused, orgasm does to your soul what eating fast-food every meal would do to your body. You likely feel unsatisfied and depleted from having this type of orgasm, instead of energetic and uplifted. Learning to edge can help you harvest your sexual energy (chi) and learn to move it to a higher level (chakra) in your body.  This can allow you to have intense orgasmic feelings without ejaculation as ejaculation depletes the body of this essential life force.

Edging can have many benefits, from helping premature ejaculation and increasing longevity during sex, to learning to have multiple orgasms. This is because using techniques of edging and breath work can allow you to transmute the chi sexual energy into a higher chakra.  This helps separate orgasm from ejaculation. The male orgasm has a very high sacred energy as it is the energy that begins all life. Respecting your orgasm and allowing that energy to spread to higher chakras causes an erotic trance, which is a very powerful state of mind for meditation and manifestation.

The first and main step to a successful edging session is relaxation. Don’t worry if you feel like you’re not doing it right, like all skills, edging takes practice! Take time enjoying your own body without touching your penis. Using light strokes, brush your thighs, stomach, and chest towards your penis to slowly bring sexual energy to the area. Let what happens naturally happen without judgement. You may start to get hard quickly, or may just be focused on the enjoyment of the light touch. Allowing your body to relax for at least 15-30 minutes (or longer!) before direct stimulation is a great way to begin your erotic trance.

When you begin to touch your penis, again, relax and go slow. Notice if you are beginning to tense up at any point (especially your buttocks) and relax. Keep your breathing slow and steady. As you begin to find yourself becoming close to the edge of orgasm, slow down slightly, and take a big inhale. On the inhale, imagine the sexual energy of your penis washing up the front of your body up to the crown of your head. On an exhale, imagine the sexual energy washing down your back and back around to the base of your body.  You will start to feel a very relaxing, intensely sexual full body arousal that can feel beyond orgasmic. This is also a powerful mind frame for manifestation as you have very high energy during erotic trance. Focusing on major life goals while in erotic trance gives intense energy towards them.  Every time you feel that you are getting near the edge of orgasm, use this breathing technique to refocus that energy and allow the edging to continue. I would suggest 3 rounds of breathing and refocusing the energy before ejaculation (if you are choosing to.) You will likely find the ejaculation to be very strong and pleasurable, and you may have an emotional response to it. Do not judge yourself, and take time to relax and rest afterwards.

Edging is a very powerful experience and a great way to begin tantric practices. It’s not only highly pleasurable, but good for your body and mind. I invite and encourage all men to take some time for themselves and practice self-care and self love through edging and erotic trance.

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Lindsey Love

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