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Hiring an escort can be a very confusing and delicate process. It’s hard to know what questions to ask, what information to gather, and when! Booking processes differ with each lady, but there are a few good behaviors that can make a bad girl just fall in love! I have noticed that there are lots of articles on how to pick a perfect escort, but not so many on being a perfect client. Hopefully this guide will help guide you through the process if you’re a first timer, or help you brush up on escort etiquette before you book your first appointment.
The very first thing a potential escort client should do before contacting a provider is read her ad! It may seem silly, but sometimes people will just see a picture of a pretty girl and dial the phone without thinking. Reading her ad is not only a great way to find out pertinent information to her booking processes, but you will be able to assess the tone of the ad as well. This can help you decide if the provider you are wanting to see and you will mesh well. Before you contact your provider, you should at the very minimum find out these things about her:
*Her name
*Her preferred method of contact (email, text, phone, booking form)
*Her rates (sometimes these will not be posted, if you can’t find them, ask!)
*Her booking policies (deposits, appointment notice required)
*Her screening policies (more on this later!)
Sometimes, some of this information will not be in her ad. You can take a peek at her website too, to see if you can find the information. If you really can’t find a piece of this information, make a note to ask. Reading through her website can help you get to know her and her services better. Successful escorts spend a lot of time on marketing themselves to the clientele they desire, adding information to their websites just for you. It always makes a provider feel good knowing her client took the time to research her specifically and she wasn’t just a random pick. Escorts get a lot of texts and emails daily! It’s can be frustrating and a time waste for you both to go back and forth with questions that are already answered on her ad or website. Quick and easy bookings are best and less stress for everyone. If you do your research on the provider you are wanting to visit, the booking process will be much easier for both parties.
On Screening Information
Many escorts and escort agencies also will need screening information. Luckily, in this age of technology, having a positive reputation with the escort community is actually quite simple and discreet. Providers screening processes can vary from no screening needed/newbie friendly, all the way up to requiring job information, ID, and several escort references. Screening is a good process for an escort to conduct as it helps keep her safe, however some ladies do not as they feel their intuition is enough. If a lady requires screening information, it’s best to find out what she requires before contacting her. If you’re unwilling or unable to give her the information she requires for a date, she will decline, not out of personal offense, but out of personal safety.
Many providers screen their clients by asking for a reference. This is exactly how it sounds, you will be getting an “OK” from a provider you have seen in the past. Most providers will allow themselves to be used as a reference. When you see a provider, you can ask her, “Could I use you as a reference in the future?” If she agrees, when you are booking with another lady, you can give the new provider the past providers information to vouch for you. Not all providers are open to giving references, so you should always ask to not cause offense. References are great, as it allows the client to be screened without providing any personal information. It also allows providers to feel comfortable with a new client, as any worries about being mistreated or disrespected are dispelled.There are also some escort websites where both ladies and gentlemen can be vouched for by each other and given a code or screen name. This takes even more guesswork out of the occasion as the third party website will be able to show that “Client 4C-25B” has been vouched for by several escorts, without any direct communication to the past providers.
If you’re a total newbie, some ladies will request from you ID and career verification. This usually entails seeing a picture of your ID, you holding your ID, and an email from a company email, a LinkedIn profile, company webpage or something similar. This screening process is more difficult for both parties. Clients may feel uncomfortable giving this type of information, however, most escorts and escort agencies are extremely discreet and delete the information after screening. The ladies may also not feel as comfortable after screening because although they “know who you are”, they don’t “know who you are” in an escort experience. This is why most ladies request references.
Contacting An Escort
Most ladies will make it obvious which form of contact they prefer, although some ladies have no preference. It’s good to have clear and concise communication. This helps gain the trust of the provider, and streamlines the booking process. You can be a bit playful or flirty in your messages, but keep it tasteful and clean. Here would be a great email or text to send to a provider.
“Hello Jane,
My name is Don and I came across your website/ad. I think your pictures look beautiful and I am requesting a 3 hour incall on Monday, June 7th at 4pm. Would you have availability that day? My references are Dawn Day at 555-551-5552 and Jenny James at 555-445-3453. Please let me know if you need any more information.”
This type of correspondence makes it easy for Jane to get back with you. If she is available that day, she only has to confirm the rate with you and confirm your references. Easy! The type of messages that easily get looked over are one-liners, such as the following:
“Hey What’s Up”
“Available Now?”
This messages seem generic and like a net cast to catch whichever fish falls into it. Many providers will not even answer these styles of messages as they are not deemed serious inquiries. Messages that ask for or include crude or explicit content likely are deleted and blocked immediately, so be polite! Messages that are not sent via the providers preference can also be overlooked.  If she says text-only, and you send an email, she could easily overlook you! Or if she says no texts, and you text anyway, she may easily never see it. Some providers accept all forms of communication and that will likely be indicated by her having several different forms of communication available. Pre-booking an escort is also a great idea! Many ladies can not be to you within an hour, and some ladies do not even take same day appointments. Don’t miss out by rushing your provider. Give her time to screen you and to make herself comfortable and pretty for you. A provider who is relaxed can give a much better experience than one who is rushed.
It’s also a good idea to discuss how you will confirm the appointment when the day/time arrives. Some ladies will assume you will be the one to confirm, and some ladies will reach out with a note when your appointment date nears. Without a final confirmation, you may lose your appointment!
The Appointment
So the time has finally arrived! Here are some tips to be a great client.
*Be on time – or at the very least, be in communication! Being late is forgivable if you are in contact with the provider and giving her a heads up. However, if you are going to be an hour or more late, it’s best to reschedule and offer to pay a cancellation fee or deposit for a later meeting.
*Be clean – if you absolutely can not be clean, please inform your provider you will need to shower when you arrive. She will be happy to oblige you!
*Be polite – being a gentleman will win you major points with your provider!
*Have the donation ready for your provider – most providers require payment at the beginning of your session. She will likely have her preferred way of receiving the donation on her site (such as in a white envelope, laid down in the restroom, laid down on a tray) or you can ask her beforehand. Please don’t make her ask for the donation as it tends to be a bit awkward.
*Keep communication open – neither of you are mind readers, so simple questions to each other to make such you’re both having fun is mandatory!
*Finish the session on time -please don’t try to beg or guilt your provider into spending extra free-time with you. If you’d like to extend the time with her, you can come up to an agreement with her that is beneficial to both of you.
*Bring a gift or wine (if she drinks) – this is not mandatory, but it does make you stand out as a client & makes your provider feel happy and comfortable.
Following these tips may seem like common sense, but if you apply them to your next escort session, you will quickly become one of your providers favorite clients! This is beneficial because the more comfortable we are with others, the better service we can provide which makes everyone happy. I hope this blog was helpful to those who may have been confused about how to book a provider, or those who needed to brush up before their next experience. Thank you so much for reading! I’ve included some additional links below for further reading.
Until Next Time,
Lindsey Love

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