Erotic Story: Island Vibes

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I love to write, and I have been meaning to write more erotic stories, as I have written a handful over the years and always really enjoy them. This one was inspired by my recent vacation to Aruba! The story is totally fiction, but I thought I would share my hobby with you. Enjoy!


Island Vibes

Lindsey clicked the computer shut, laid back on her couch with a smile and had a sip of wine. After a ton of research, (like always), Lindsey was happy to have her vacation booked. She rarely travelled alone, but she needed a break from everything and didn’t have the patience to try and work through her friends’ busy schedules. She had decided to go to a small island country for a few days, as she needed the clear, blue, salt water to refresh her body and mind. Lindsey loved to travel, as being in a new place tended to be a real aphrodiasiac for her. She always ended up showing off some of her exhibitionist behaviors when she was drunk off the beauty of a new place. Closing her eyes, she fantasized about getting naked on a secluded beach, close enough to civlization that the chance of being seen was a possibility, but far enough away to enjoy her nude form under the warm tropical sun.  Her body relaxed on the couch and her right hand started slowly creeping underneath her cotton shorts as she fantasized about a sexy stranger catching her, nude and vulnerable. Her hand slid closer to her warm and moistening pussy, as her mind unravelled into fantasy, when she heard the jarring alert of her cell. Frustrated, she sighed and grabbed her vibrating cell phone with her hand as another part of her craved that same vibration. Lindsey sighed as she realized how badly she needed this vacation.

A few days later, Lindsey was getting off her flight, landing in paradise. She was wearing a sexy, strappy sundress with Ray Bans, a floppy beach hat, with summery high heels that showed off her toned legs. She loved to show off her perky breasts and long legs that were proportional on her 5’9” frame. She was in total relaxation mode and made a mental note to not let anything get in the way of what she wanted – which was fun, sex, and relaxation. Her pale skin with her dark hair gave her an exotic look, she shunned tanning and worshipped sunscreen as she loved the attention she got for her fair skin. She flirted her way through customs, the rental car stand, and resort check in and felt on top of the world. She bought some local rum and made herself a drink in the hotel room as she walked out to the wraparound balcony. She enjoyed the view and sounds of the teal waves crashing on shore and allowed her mind to relax into tranquility for a few minutes.  She walked to the side of her balcony, which faced another resort, and saw a few older men hanging out in a balcony across from hers. This brought out her naughty side as she used her fingers to whistle loudly. The men all looked and she took that as her cue. She dropped her dress, revealing her pert breasts and sexy figure to the men. Their jaws dropped and they cheered as Lindsey laughed and walked back into her hotel room, giving them a glimpse of her fit & round ass. She really felt like she was on vacation now. No consequences, no regrets.
Lindsey enjoyed the rest of the day driving about the island, enjoying the blissful timelessness that comes with no responsibility. Although she kept herself good company, her naughty side kept speaking to her arousal, keeping her nipples hard and her bikini bottoms wet – when she had them on. She wondered what kind of trouble she could get herself into on this island, but she knew from her past experiences, it couldn’t be too far away. After her day out, she headed back to the hotel and primped herself into an easy, breezy island-sexy siren. She ordered a bottle of champagne to her room, and when it arrived, she asked the attendant where the action was. He seemed to note that she was alone and could feel the sexual vibe coming of Lindsey’s body. He recommended her a nightclub nearby and she told him she hoped to see him there.
A few hours later, Lindsey was buzzed off champagne and playing slots near the nightclub that the attendant suggested. A gentleman appeared next to her and offered to buy her a drink. Lindsey flashed a big smile and promised to save the man the slot machine next to her, saying she was good luck with a wink. The man smiled and reappeared a few minutes later with some champagne. Lindsey told him she was heading to the nightclub next door soon, and the man told her that he actually was a guest in the hotel, and could get them in for free. After a few rounds losing money in the slots ,they decided to embark on their adventure. Giddy and excited, Lindsey walked out of the nightclub hand in hand with the gentleman, ready for a carefree night.
The swirling lights and booming bass in the nightclub engulfed Lindsay and she reality of her grinding on a stranger in a foreign nightclub made her thoughts and heart race with lust and passion. Feeling his hands on her body and teasing beneath her skirt matched with the buzz of champagne had her mind in a fog of arousal. She was teasing him too, running her hands over his trousers as the lights pulsed and flashed.  Before they knew it, they had been dancing, touching, and rubbing for hours and it was closing time. High off the passion of the nightclub, Lindsey suggested they check out the beach that was just outside the nightclubs’ back doors.
They headed out the back door to the dimly lit beach that was nearly empty. As soon as Lindsey was away from the noise and lights of the club, she discarded her dress on the beach, absolutely carefree about showing off her body.  Her breasts bounced as she danced and skipped around in front of the man, excited and energetic. Her sensual energy was high, and she loved to get into mischief. The gentleman introduced himself as one of the men she had flashed earlier that day, and told her he had been dreaming about seeing her body up close. Lindsey laughed, as she seemed to always attract these kind of passionate coincidences. She drew in the still-dressed man with a kiss and pulled him close against her naked body. His hands explored her naked body as she undid his belt and unbuttoned his shirt and they fell to the sand, sensually kissing and touching each other.
Lindsey could feel the man’s erection growing hard against her leg as they made out in the sand. It felt so big and hard that it made Lindsey get especially excited. Her body was aching with arousal, and his teasing fingers were making her clit throb and swell. The sexual energy as well as her sensitive body caused her already wet pussy to begin to squirt from the stimulation. She moaned and arched her back against his fingers as he kissed her neck. It wasn’t enough in this moment of passion. Lindsey grabbed protection out of her handbag and slid it over his cock. He teased her wet slit with his covered cock, making her squirt, writhe, and moan against him. Finally, he entered her, falling in quickly and making Lindsey gasp with pleasure.  She loved her hair in the sand, body full of passion, sharing an intimate moment in a semi-public area with a near-stranger…the moment overwhelmed her and she quickly peaked to orgasm as this man’s dick pressed against her pussy walls.  When he felt the strong contractions and flood of wetness of her orgasm, he couldn’t resist and also came. They kissed a bit more and then ran into the ocean to cleanse themselves, all while laughing like teenagers.
The man walked Lindsey back to her resort after the event, and gave her a sweet kiss. Lindsey was ready to retire to her room as the sun would be rising in just a few hours. The exhilaration of new sights, smells, and men still ran through her veins as she rinsed the night away in the shower. She didn’t regret coming here alone and allowing her wild side to come out, in fact it was exactly what she needed. Sexual freedom was very grounding for Lindsey, and she drifted off to sleep satisfied and finally, relaxed.
The End 

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