Bop It, Twist It, Lick It – How to WIN Oral Sex on A Man

Hello there! Last week’s blog on oral sex on a woman and can be found HERE.  To begin, as like most other sexual topics, the biggest way to win with your partner is to communicate! Unlike oral sex on a woman, which is under-represented in porn, oral sex on a man dominates the adult film market. Most blow job porn also has a rough element to it that may not be enjoyed by everyone. Women may often feel pressure to live up to the internet babes behind the screen, and conversely, men may feel that they need to be macho during oral sex even if it is not what they truly enjoy. Without full communication, neither party will be able to enjoy this highly sensual activity.

Oral sex on a man is not too difficult, as most men will be happy just that you are down there. A blow job is well known to many to be better than no job. Starting with your hands, massaging around the upper thighs, hip flexors, and pubic region by using sweeping movements towards the penis can help increase circulation and sensitivity before delving into the main event. If you have long hair, remembering to bring a hair band is very important as you don’t want your hair to be in your way. A big turn on for a lot of men is eye contact and confidence! Even if you don’t have the best technique, its a turn on to be able to see expression in your eyes as you perform oral sex on him.
Most men enjoy some hand stimulation during oral sex, but some do not as they can be more sensitive and they do not want to ejaculate too soon. Using your hands to massage their body, or to lightly play with their scrotum or scrotal sac can be a very nice compliment to your mouth stimulating their penis. This can used in conjunction with some of the tantra techniques covered in THIS BLOG. Some men also enjoy licking around their scrotum as well. A popular technique is to use your mouth to stimulate the head and shaft of the penis, while using your hand to follow in a swirling motion. However, when you get to the sensitive head of the penis, using just mouth stimulation or just a little bit of hand stimulation can be very enjoyable. You can even mix it up by only stroking the penis in one direction or the other for a few strokes, and then switching, to tease before going back to the up and down motion. Using a well lubed palm to rub the head of the penis in a circular motion can feel great, or massaging the penis by holding your hand like a jellyfish. A lot of men also enjoy anal stimulation with a tongue, finger or a prostate massage while simultaneously receiving oral or manual stimulation of the penis.  Always remember to ask what feels good and to keep communication open – this is so very important.

Deep throating can be a nice stimulation to most men, and a lot of women enjoy it as well. However, a sensitive gag reflex, a very girthy or long penis, or other issues can make it difficult. To help yourself be able to deep throat, make sure that you always have a glass of water nearby to clear your throat to minimize gagging. You should also try a position where your partner is laying down, and you can angle your body to the angle of his penis (like you are putting a puzzle together) to make deep throat much easier. Always make sure you have your lips wrapped fully around all your teeth to not end up nicking your partners penis with your back most teeth. Trying to deep throat someone with an upward curving penis from a kneeling position may be impossible, but from 69 is simple. Using numbing sprays usually is not a great idea, as the spray can rub off onto the penis and cause desensitization.

Keeping a good pace & pressure is also important, as too little stimulation can cause him to lose his erection, and too much can cause sensitivity. Check in with your partner to make sure they are enjoying the relaxing experience of oral sex. They may like more, or less stimulation as they come close to orgasm. Some men need a slower technique near orgasm and some need a lot of fast technique. Others will change from day to day which is totally normal. Before you begin oral sex on someone it is important to discuss where they will ejaculate. Don’t wait till he is close to peak to have this discussion as both partners need to have an agreement with what is okay and what isn’t. After orgasm, grabbing a warm washcloth for your partner is a nice touch, and also gives you a second to freshen up if you like.  After orgasm your partner may want to cuddle and relax, or may feel energized, sleepy, or hungry. It’s good to recap the session to make sure everything was enjoyable for both partners. Guys, don’t forget to show appreciation to your woman for the work she put in for your orgasm! Everyone loves to feel appreciated, and those who feel appreciated tend to be more giving. When it comes to oral sex, more giving is always better.
Keep on Strokin’,
Lindsey Love

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