Coming To America: The History of Nuru

History of Nuru Massage and Its Journey to America

Nuru massage was created in Japan as the country’s laws prohibited vaginal intercourse during massage. People still wanted to have a very erotic experience, but to also respect the law. Soapy massage was created to solve this problem. Soapy massage was the prototype for Nuru massage, as the suds were used to allow the provider to glide on the body, much like Nuru. Although soapy massages are still popular today, a major drawback of these massages is that the suds can easily make their way into your mouth or eye. Nuru massage has a huge advantage over soapy massage as the gel that is used is tasteless, odorless, and will not stain.

Nuru, which means slippery in Japanese, uses a thick slippery gel that must be mixed with warm water to provide the minimum friction possible while sliding body to body. However, many American providers will use another natural tasteless and odorless oil because the Nuru gel is difficult to keep to a warm temperature.  It can also be very messy as it must be mixed in a bowl that can be knocked over. Also, both parties must stay wet to keep the gel activated, or the gel gets slightly sticky.

Traditionally, Nuru massage is provided on a slippery airbed or plastic surface to keep the gel slick. However, with using another blended oil, the Nuru massage can easily be performed on a regular bed as blended oils will not absorb into bedsheets how Nuru massage gel can. Blended oils stay wet without additional water, but will rinse off easily in the shower or absorb into skin. Performing the massage on a stable, regular bed also minimizes the risk of injury as you could easily slide off a plastic bed. It also can allow your Nuru massage provider more control over her movements, allowing her to distribute her body weight safely on you. Nuru massage should not be performed with cheap, scented or synthetic oils such as baby oil.

Just as America itself is a blend of cultures, Japanese Nuru massage has been enhanced by the inclusion of different cultures while performing it. Some providers such as myself will use aspects of tantra, astrology, spirituality or even color symbolism while performing this massage creating an experience that further improves an already amazing art.

Nuru massage is to be enjoyed as a full experience. It is often performed in an upscale and comfortable space, with sensuality dripping from every corner. The provider must not only be talented in technique, but have a warm and inviting personality. Because Nuru massage is performed with two bodies touching so closely, the energy of the provider can easily rub off onto the receiver of the massage. Nuru massage is performed at a varying tempo, to further entice and tease the senses. The Nuru massage provider must also be knowledgable of how to manipulate her body to allow her to balance on the clients body without causing pain or putting too much pressure on weaker body parts. Because Nuru is such a unique and intricate art, it is imperative to book a upscale professional provider to ensure you will get the thorough, sensual and highly erotic experience that Nuru massage is.

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