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For those who know me there are rare moments that leave me speechless in life. Today was one of those days for I met the goddess Aphrodite herself in the form of Lindsey Love. She’s pricey but oh so worth it. So Non VIPS save your coins, singles, call in your markers and opt for the 2 hr session. You will not regret it. And if your one of those guys that does, then something is definitely wrong with you.

I believe I have found my guilty treasure and my new ATF. Again her reviews and testimonials are dead on. I read her blog and website, and could not stop dreaming about her. So I PM her and she responded quickly. We then began texting and after a few attempts we set a date for memo medial day evening for a 2 hr NURU session. Day of Do to work I had to hit the road and asked if she could meet earlier. She said yes. I met her at her incall which as others have said is located near Fort Lauderdale airport and easy to get to.She is drop dead gorgeous, sexy, and knowes how to give a great fantastic massage.

VIPS see below the details. Non VIPS sorry I wish I could go in to more detail, but I’ll leave you with this. The testimonials on her site are dead on accurate.

The Juicy Details

I called when I arriveied, and she said she would leave the door open a crack, I walked in and wow just wow. She greeted me wearing a sexy bra that showed off her wonderful breasts and thong, with heels on and before I could say hi she hug and kissed me like were long lost lovers. I was so caught off guard that mentally I was like DUDE! Why are you thinking right now. Kiss her back!!!!! Which I did. She is definitely the girls in the pic, if not better. She made confident eye contact with a smile. She had candles lit and had electronic candles on her stairs leading to the upstairs (she lives in a loft style home). Her place was clean and updated, and she had a massage table set up in the main room that she says she uses for hot stone massages in case there is extra time at the end of the session. She instructed me where to lay the donation and led me to the bathroom where she had disposable slippers, flip-flops for showering, toothpaste, toothbrushes, robes, and basically anything else you can think of or want. She asked if I wanted water or wine. Initially I said wine then she said she had a mix set and captain. I opted for some captain and coke. She went to make the drinks and I slipped in the restroom to change.

i emerged from the bathroom in a robe and met her in her kitchen where she had our drinks. I felt like I was in a dream, it was so relaxing being there with her. We chatted, drank, kept on kissing, and fan dialing each other. Its very hard to resist her. few minutes later She led me in a candle lit bedroom which was decorated nicely with a upscale canopy style bed with draping over it. She Instructed me to disrobe and lie face down on the bed. I snuck a peak as I was lying down while she undressed and put her hair in a ponytail. She is AWESONE hourglass figure Natural D cups perky with nice light pink puffy nipples.

She turned on her music soft but sexy, and started massaging me lightly, then teased me with her fingernails. It felt fantastic better than any massage parlor one. She then started rubbing oil on to me, afterwards placed it on herself. She’s also very easy to talk to. We talked about why I’ve been stressed and needed a massage. That I completely was caught off guard once I felt her natural tits on my back that I was in NIRVANA. This is the first time I ever he NURU and I’m already addicted to it and to her. She uses her whole body weight straddling, writhing, and massaging her body against yours, it’s never too intense or painful. She uses her whole body including shoulders, boobs, feet, pussy, ass…everything to rub against you and relieve your stress. She even stated she could tell how stressed I was and she could sense it when I walked in.

I just lost my self with everything. I couldn’t contain myself and treid to caress her when I could. Throughout the body slide we kept talking and laughing. It felt so natural like talking to a girlfriend. She also kept teasing my balls which felt so great. She also, nibbled at my ears, kissed my back, and ran her fingers through my hair.

The flip came, and I got to see her wonderful naked body, which got me turned on. She began rubbing oil on me and again blowing on my chest. She rubbed int the oil on her and lied down on me straight in DFK. I slipped my hand between her legs and started to massage her clit. She immediately started moaning. She kept sliding her body from my crotch to my head. Always stopping to kiss me. At one point she stuck her tongue out and ran it all over my body. Maybe weird but was HOT. She then began massaging my balls softly. She was never quick but instead slow and sensual. She then began massaging JR. And teased me a lil. Then she began the best slow sensual bj of my life. I just can’t put it into words. You need to experience it for yourself. She never rushes.

I got so turned on that I said your making me have evil thoughts. She looked up at me with JR in her mouth slowly let him out kept him in her hands and asked “Oh yeah what do you want?” I lost it and said I wanted to see her squirt I heard so much about. She got up and went to lied down. Lindsey is clean and responsive as I ate her out. She moaned and arched her back. She was very hot that I couldn’t resist her wonderful breasts that I stop and went to nibble and kiss her. She grabbed Jr. and began stroking him as if to simulate mish.

I Couldn’t take it anymore and said I wanted t fuck her. She let out this devilish smile and got a condom. Then the whole momentum switch to Pornstar/GFE. She grabbed Jr. as I was standing on the bed and began to suck him so good that I did not notice she placed the condom on with her mouth. She laid down with her legs up guided me in and the moment I penetrated she moan so loud. I started slow and then went faster and she got louder, and aske me to go harder. Who was I to disappoint. She flipped up for doggy, and after a few minutes she had a loud orgasm. We stopped and before I could say anything she was blowing Jr again this time faster and sloppier. I laid down and she started talking dirty. I lost it and CIM. She sucked me dry, and I felt all the stress leave my body.

Lindsey got up and got me a warm damp towel while I recuperated on her bed. We made some small talk. I told her I’m planning my last night as a bachelor. She talked to me about her doubles and friends and said to keep her in mind which I will. I got in The shower and left a happy man. I will be definitely repeating in a heart beat but next time for longer. I’m already saving. Thank you Lindsey for a great relaxing time.


June 16, 2016
Upscale, Blonde, Independent GFE Escort, Nuru Massage, Tantra, Fetish, Fantasy and Swing Club Dates in Miami.

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