Gimme All Your Lovin’: A 2 Part Swinging Blog: Swing Club Dates

Gimme All Your Lovin’: A 2 Part Swinging Blog on Swing Club Dates and Couples Sessions

Hello friends! This is going to be a two part blog, with the first part being about swinging and swing clubs and the second about couples or a doubles massage. Many of my clients are interested in a group experience, but not sure whether the swingers club or a private session is best for their needs. Seeing this issue so often is what prompted me to write this blog to help you decide which session would be best for you. Not only do I have many single men who are interested in swing club dates in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, but many couples as well! It can be a great way to spice up your love life and explore a mutual fantasy. However, many people are totally inexperienced with swinging and have no idea where to turn for answers as it is a hobby that requires discretion.

I am a lifestyle swinger and have been for several years, which means I enjoy the clubs often and go with men, women and couples, in sessions and in my personal life. I enjoy the environment of adult clubs such as swinger clubs, strip clubs, and nudist colonies much more than your typical nightclub. I love to watch and be watched and find I feel extremely confident and I really shine in these type of environments! However, like most people, I did have some apprehension before my first time and I would love to share my experiences with you to help you decide what is best for your wants and needs.

It is very important to be fully honest and discuss your limits and expectations with your partner before going into a group experience. Everyone needs to agree to the same limits and be respectful of each other. Always have a word or statement that means “stop everything,” as when you are in the heat of the moment you may change your mind on your limits which is totally OK — it can be a little overwhelming the first time you invite another person into your couple or group! These type of experiences were made to help people connect, not divide them apart. The best way to ensure you have a positive experience is to make sure you are truly honest with your partner about what you are trying to achieve from this type of experience.

There are several swing clubs in South Florida. My favorite place is Trapeze, as it is an on-site swing club, as well as Miami Velvet. What this means is that full contact and play is allowed on premises. There is several other off-premises swing clubs such as Deenies Hideaway in Deerfield or Rooftop Resort in Hollywood, which means it is a “pick up-spot” for people with similar interests, and then play happens in a hotel room or off premises. There are also several websites dedicated to swinger dating, such as Swingers Date Club. These websites can be a great way to get yourself invited to private parties inside the swingers community. These parties are usually smaller and more intimate than the clubs and usually take place at an upscale residence with several bedrooms.

Trapeze is an upscale and discreet club, which makes it my favorite to attend and will be the focus of this blog. You must pay a membership fee on top of your nightly admission which varies from $40-$80 per couple, depending on the evening. The club is BYOB; the bartender will hold your bottle for you and pour your drinks for you with free mixers. The club is very clean and security is tight, and as they value the safety of their patrons, they will not over serve you and make sure no one is intoxicated to incapacitation. They are vigilant to keep the club drama free and immediately discharge any harassers. I always feel safe when I am there which is so very important! Single men are only allowed to the club Tuesday thru Thursday, and in the playroom in the back of the club, the single men are segregated from the couples.  Couples who wish to play with a single man (or men) must do so on the single mens’ side, and are not allowed to bring him back to the couples side. On the weekend, only couples and rare single girls are allowed.

When you first arrive to Trapeze, the main room has a buffet with chef, a wall full of tables, and a sexy but upscale vibe. Women dress from conservative all the way up to stripper wear. Men usually dress nicely or from time to time in fetish-style wear. In the front most people are drinking, having conversation and dancing. There are a few TVs showing adult films, and you may see a topless woman or two, but no real action happens in the front.  This is a great area to get to know other couples and break the ice while enjoying the ‘liquid courage’ that many need to lose their inhibitions. The crowd ranges mostly from mid 20s-early 60s, with the median ages being 40-55. Body types are all different as well, with some people more round than others, but I would say most of the people who attend the club regularly are also into fitness as they enjoy showing off their nude form. The environment is judgement free and if you are nervous – just imagine that everyone else is naked (because they are!)

Once you are ready to enter the play area, you go into a shared-gender locker room and there is an attendant in there. She is the only one who has a key so you don’t have to worry about your things being stolen or keeping track of a key. You remove your clothes (keep your shoes on!) and are given a extra large towel to wrap around yourself. You can lay the towel down for play as well and get a new one when you are finished. You then enter the playroom which is a U shaped room with vinyl couches, beds, sex chairs, and discreet screened areas and rooms (that do not lock, for safety) for those who want just a little privacy or are happy to watch. There is also a bar in the back which offers protection freely. Everyone is playing and nude and it is not hard to engage another couple into play. Everyone is there for the same reason so you find a couple that you like and just have a conversation with them! It’s very easy. People really respect limits as well here, so if you’re not into someone it is ok (and encouraged!) to say no.

Many couples are “soft-swap” couples, which in swinger terms, means that only the women play together while the men watch. Sometimes people do not play at all and are just interested in watching, or just play with each other, which is totally OK. Some couples are “full-swap” couples which means the men and women both play with the men and women of the other couple. I have not ever seen male/male interaction here, and “full-swap” does not imply male/male interaction – only male/female and female/female. The atmosphere is upbeat and sexually charged.You can play with as many or as few couples as you like. You can also keep it intimate by playing with your partner in the semi-private areas of the club if you are feeling a bit shy. The only rule in the club is respecting others boundaries.

At the end of the evening, the buffet in the front of the club opens and there is a chef serving omelettes, biscuits and gravy and other breakfast items. It is a joke at the club that the women will often enjoy the breakfast so much they will exclaim, “This is the BEST part of the night!”, leaving the men bewildered as they have just left a very sexual experience which was probably a long-standing fantasy for them.  The breakfast IS really great though after the drinking and play of the evening. I noticed I usually leave the club in a very jovial mood with great memories that boost my mood for the next few days.

Next week I will explore what a group private session or private couples massage is like. Although the swing club is an experience I recommend to everyone to try at least once in their lives, some people may not quite be ready for the excitement of the club or prefer a session in their own environment. A private session can be a very intimate and enjoyable experience which can be completely tailored to your needs. If you would like to book a swing club date, private group or doubles session with another lady here in this blog, or a couples massage, use the booking form on this website, or text 772-212-5426.

Until next week,

Lindsey Love


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May 24, 2016
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