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The Art of Tantric Nuru Massage by Lindsey Love

Let me be your guide into an exotic experience most will only dream of.  I am the master of the liquid Nuru amrita that is used to weave other worldly fantasies. My all natural body which I treat with care and love is the perfect instrument to create heavenly Nuru experiences. More importantly, my disciplined mind, enlghtened spirit, and warm personality are absolute requirements for the level of sensually Tantric experiences I offer.


 I am seeking gentlemen, women, and couples who have been left unfulfilled by purely carnal experiences.  You know there has to be something more to it. Your soul is yearning for love, closeness, understanding. You wish to learn how to overcome shame, to increase vitality and energy, and how to escalate stagnant energy in your body and soul to reach a higher level of enlightenment.


The pace of my sessions is slow & climbing. I invite you to clear your mind, relax, and slip into meditation while I perform my art. I have a very strong positive heart and sacral chakra energy that I will selflessly pour into you.  It is very intense and healing and may induce a new outlook on life in general.


Because of the sheer energy I use to create the highest level of mutual energy rising, I choose not to take same day appointments. My art is not conducive to last minute appointments where I must rush. I also cannot afford to engage in short, low-vibration sessions where I feel like my spiritual gifts are being overlooked for only my physical form, as this is very draining for me.


I invite all potential clients to view the informational articles I have written on my website to gain knowledge about my art prior to the session to ensure the best possible experience. I am able to meet you at your upscale hotel or home. I do not host from my residence, but am more than happy to host at an upscale hotel where ever is convenient to you. I am always punctual, discreet, clean and well-dressed and I require the same from my clients. My pictures are accurate. I use a pre-mixed, seaweed based oil, which does not stain, get cold, or dry up. It also washes away easily in the shower. If you are ready to rise into a higher vibration, please contact me via email at


With the utmost love and respect,